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Fermented dry egg white
  • Fermented dry egg white

Fermented dry egg white

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Brand:ЗАО "Рузово"
Country of manufacture:Russia

Dry fermented egg white

is obtained from chicken eggs, the liquid protein undergoes a filtration process. cooling. ultrafiltration, fermentation. drying on a spray dryer.

Organoleptic characteristics: powdery homogeneous product without foreign inclusions, color from white to yellowish, taste characteristic of egg products without foreign smell.

Replacement ratio: One kg of dry protein replaces 310 - 320 pieces of chicken egg whites.

Industry of use:

Protein increased whipping action - excellent foaming agent. It is used in the manufacture of biscuits, meringue, meringue, marshmallow, soufflé,

Brand:ЗАО "Рузово"
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 05.03.2021

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